School governors

Governors play a key role in facilitating the achievement of the benchmarks, which have been shown in studies to help raise aspiration, attainment and attendance.

Governors should be aware of the Careers Programme within their schools and colleges, and should be holding the education provider to account through questioning and reviewing the programme at least annually. A linked governor should be appointed to careers preferably from industry. In order to review and challenge the Careers policy and programme in place. As this will ensure that young people leave education settings with the skills and knowledge necessary to access the World of work successfully.

Questions Governor’s should be asking are:

  • Does the governing board have strategic oversight of careers? Is the Governing board aware
  • Has a Careers Leader been appointed? Is this person on SLT or have the support and access of SLT.
  • Are the details of the Careers Leader and Careers Programme published on the school website and kept up to date.
  • Does the school comply with its statutory responsibility for the Careers Education and is this reflected in the CEIAG policy.
  • Has a provider access policy been published on the schools website
  • Do all students by the age of 16, receive an impartial Careers interview with a Level 6 trained Careers Adviser. Along with the opportunity to receive a further interview by the age of 18.
  • Is Careers discussed at Governing Board meetings at least annually to review the programme and is a written record of this kept?