Careers education

Careers education is a priority to us, as it ensures that our young people are well informed and able to access the world of work. A meaningful careers programme, will raise aspirations and attainment and benefit our local economy.

We work closely with Future Focus, Education Business Links, Careers and Enterprise Company which includes Enterprise Advisors and National Careers Service.

As a school you will be working towards and familiar with the eight Gatsby benchmarks:

  • a stable careers programme
  • learning from career and labour market information
  • addressing the needs of each pupil
  • linking curriculum to learning careers
  • encounters with employers and employees
  • experiences of workplaces
  • encounters with further and higher education
  • personal guidance.

We can support schools to achieve these in a number of ways combining support from local businesses who give their time to engage with students in meaningful ways. Whilst there is a commitment and hard work to integrate this in to your school offer the rewards are huge.

A wide range of support can be offered such as coordinating employability events, Mock Interviews, business visits, work experience placements, Apprenticeships and speed networking. Support is offered across Telford and Shropshire schools and we currently have contacts with a number of larger and smaller businesses across both regions who are keen to be involved for example Capgemini, Aico and Reassure to mention just a few.