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What is expected from your work experience placement

We understand that work experience can be a very nervous time for you, and that your placement will be very different from your normal school/college day. It is however a really exciting opportunity for you to showcase what skills and qualities you have. Being interested, keen to learn more and keeping a positive attitude will almost definitely make your placement a really valuable one, and potentially provide you with more responsibility and a wider variety of opportunities.

You might be expected to work an 8 hour day, work shift patterns, evenings or even placed in a formal environment and given certain tasks to do. Whatever your working week looks like, there are many valuable skills you will learn and develop from your placement - problem solving, independent work, teamwork, following instructions, thinking for yourself, learning a new skill. These are all common skills you will experience on your placement.

Understanding working life and what it involves, is also a key element of what work experience is. You come to understand that not every task you may be set is going to be exciting, some tasks may be repetitive but they are important and need to be completed. Being able to complete such tasks without complaining is a great way to show a positive attitude and it will not go unnoticed by your employer.